Loïc Nottet hasn’t stopped a second since The Voice Belgium. Despite his success abroad and his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, the “Courcellois” stay attached to his country and counts on his roots to keep his feet on the ground.

Between Selfocracy’s release on March the 31st , his first album, and the rehearsals of his concerts at Forest National and the AB, Loic Nottet took the time to share his memories about Wallonia and to talk about his future in music.

What are the most beautiful places in Wallonia according to you ?
“I think Wallonia has a beautiful heritage. The first thing I have on my mind is the Citadel of Namur. I remember when I was younger, I often went there with my family, because there often were medieval markets. It was something I loved doing. We walked down the citadel and we went watch the exhibitions which were inside.”


I am very into movies, I love stories


You still live in Belgium. Don’t you want to live somewhere else?
“I’m fine living with dad and mom even if I wan to increasingly get my own home because we don’t have the same life anymore. My parents’ daily routine is like “subway-working-sleeping” so I try my best to go against it. We meet in the staircase, at night, when I go to bed and my parents go to work. That’s why I would like to leave home, however, I really like Belgium.  We are fine, we are simple, we don’t fill our head with problems. I prefer this than the “boring and quite pompeous” ambiances.”

Living in Paris don’t make you dream?
“It would be for the work. But in Paris, I love some areas as Montmartre. There is an atmosphere we wouldn’t find somewhere else. For now, I’m not seeing myself living. Except, maybe, for a really cold country such as Canada because I strongly dislike the warm.”

Belgian artists have got a lot of success in France. According to you, what is the reason?
“ I think we have the chance to live in a country with two very different cultures ; thanks to the Flemish, we get an anglo-saxon touch than French people don’t have. Perhaps that is why we are more original and innovative about the louds, the melodies, the artistic styles… than French people who are very… French. They have their own musical styles and they don’t necessarily search elsewhere, in foreign countries. Whereas in artists such as Alice on the Roof for example, I feel a lot her Nordic influences. Since I was young, I’ve personally listened to anglo-saxon music, so , I inspired a lot from American side.” 


I really like Belgium.  We are fine, we are simple, we don’t fill our head with problems


Perhaps do we encourage Walloon people to increase their creativity ?
“I guess we aren’t really formated. Art aspect is more bring forward than the marketing aspect. It’s not always very easy. I had ideas completely arty for the album but I had to put them aside for the moment because we can’t neglect the “marketing” aspect, especially when you’re starting in. As a consequence, there still are codes and rules we’re forced to follow. Personally, I didn’t tell myself “I must play this melody in order to be played on radios”.”

You’ve just been nominated a second time for a D6Bels Music Awards in the  “ Male Solo Artist of the year”. Is there a difference between getting an award their own country instead of abroad ?
“This is not the same pride. In fact, this profession is so hard than it’s very important to know where you come from and to feel you’re “loved”. When you receive an award in your own country, you feel good because you know  the base is safe and nothing changed. The foundations aren’t broken and you can keep making the building. Receiving a prize abroad, this is not the same dimension. In Belgium, people want to follow an artist just because this artist is Belgian and because they are proud of it. Unlike them, French people have “no interest” to follow me. For DWTS’s French version, we are told “ I managed to convince them” “

Your album is a concept-album. What is it?
“I am very into movies, I love stories. Since the beginning, I’ve composed the album as if I was writing a movie or a book.  I did all in the same time, I was thinking about the scenography when I was composing. I tried to link everything together even if you can’t tell it at first. I enjoy being “read” twice. A concept-album is more than songs following other songs.


I think we have the chance to live in a country with two very different cultures  thanks to the Flemish


The stage seems very important for you.
“Yes it is, this is a reason why I chose this profession. This job permit me to do everything: a photographer,  scriptwriter, dancer, actor and singer. Shooting photos are the part I like the least. Generally, the photographer has a hard time with me because I’m ill-at-ease and I don’t open myself easily. Except it, I really enjoy the rest but the realization is longer and more tiring.”

What part does dancing play in your life and your other projects?
“I want to come back to dancing. If someone asks me “Do you prefer I cut your legs or I cut your vocals cords?” I guess I wouldn’t even choose. These arts make me feel very different things. It’s cliché to say it but I couldn’t live a single day without singing for example. And when a sound pleases me, I can help but dance alone in my room. Of course dancing will be a part of my future, but I don’t know for how long. One day, I should bring something new”

Is having a career in the USA  a part of your projects for your future?
“Yes, it is. I’d like it, really. The most high and beautiful acknowledgment I could get is the fact American people like what I do. It would be an acknowledgment for my mentors, it would warm my heart. But I am very happy with what I have now. I realize I am only 20 years old, I’ve just release my first album and Forest National is already full. I know it doesn’t happen often and I am lucky.

If Loic didn’t become a singer, he would be….
“If you asked me this question two years ago, I would answer: “ I have no ideas” because this is what I really want to do. I still want to do it but when you’re growing up you can’t help but think everything can have an end and you have to be able to bounce back on something. I’m really interested in a human psychology. I would like working in a psychiatric institute with people in order to understand them”